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The Relationship

The Relationship

Several years ago I had a friend named Eric, he fell in love with a married guy named Dan. They both worked in the same office. But Eric loved Dan a married man with a wife and four children.

Dan's best quality, at least to Eric, was his ability to cleverly hide the fact that in reality, he resembled a gargoyle.

Despite the fact that Dan and Eric worked together they found time to steal little kisses in the copy room, or extended lunches at "the club." They soon were going to bars, across town of course, and made out in the car.

"He makes me feel so alive," said Eric, "He makes me feel wanted," said Eric. "He makes so much money," said Eric, apparently blinded to the fact, that a wife and four kids would suck away any money Dan earned, should there ever be a divorce.

Soon they were madly in love. Oh sure a few dates here and there were broken but the love was intense and the sex was hot. Eric had found his soul mate.

Soon Dan could stand it no longer and told his wife it was time for him to leave. The wife reminded Dan of their 20 years together, their plans, their hopes, and their dreams. And of course it was only fair that they should try family counseling.

So a year or two went by and nothing great happened. Eric and Dan remained in love and his wife on the sidelines or the other way around depending on the viewpoint.

Dan couldn't leave his wife today, the kid had mumps, it was too close to Christmas, and why ruin the holidays for the kids forever. The wife threatened to kill herself, he couldn't find a flat, her mother died and he had to see his wife through that.

Finally heartsick, annoyed and now overweight, Eric decided to put in a transfer and move to New York City.

Within six months Dan's wife left HIM for another man, his kids moved with her. And the years pass, Dan is now on his THIRD marriage and fifth boyfriend.

Eric has yet to find either.

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