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A Couple Of Teenagers

I was on the bus one day and I heard a couple of teenage boys talking. I always eavesdrop on people because I'm just that kind of guy.

Kids crack me up. Especially when they are having these deep rooted adult conversations. One doesn't know whether to jump in and give them the correct facts of life and risk being labeled a pervert or just let them work it through like I did.

Their conversation started like this:

Boy #1) Michael Jackson takes female hormones.

Boy #2) No he doesn't he stopped that, now he takes steroids, to stop that girly shit. But he doesn't smoke.

I am thinking well good, because doing illegal steroids is bad enough but if he smoked well that is really unacceptable.

Boy #2) And he's not gay anymore either.

I wonder how that happened?

Boy #2) Well everyone know he turned straight when he was 14 and became a Jehovah's Witness. That was after he tried to slit his wrists because his father found out he was gay.

BoyI) That's dumb if I were gay I wouldn't slit my wrist

Boy #2) What would you do?

Boy #1) I'd have paid someone to kick the shit out of my dad and slit his wrists.

Ok this was good but it didn't go in the direction I thought it would.

Boy #2) Besides it's his dad's fault for making him gay by putting him in show business in the first place.

Actually this was a pretty good conversation for two kids. They never once made fun or degraded the homosexual nor used any bad terms.

However there ideas on how one arrives at being gay were somewhat illogical. And for once it was nice to know that being a homosexual wouldn't have made the boy a cowardly suicidal wuss, like the homosexual has been presented as so often in our media.

The boy made him a potential murder, not a tough guy murder like the terminator, but a business like murder or accessory to murder, murderer or at least.

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