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The other day I was walking to the gym, because I figured if I walked with my shirt off I'd get a tan. Too bad it became a weird looking one, because the sun decided not to go thru my backpack. I guess I should learn to not carry a backpack.

I was looking down when I walk because; well why not. I noticed you don't see much looking down and chewed gum isn't pleasant. Once in awhile I see a penny that someone else is too lazy to pick up. I have 47 now because of this habit.

I do notice a lot of rocks while I'm looking down. Rocks have never been a friend to me. When I was in school rocks always seemed to be the star of the science fairs, but I never could tell the difference. And since I learned that Diamonds are actually very common and only DeBeers keeps their price up, I gave up on rocks.

So rocks definitely are not my friends. You'd think someone without friends would not be so choosey but let's face it, I think after 42 years on earth I've earned the right to reject a rock.

Seems when I was a kid though a lot of kids had rocks as their friends. I was never friends with these kids. They were weird. Sure when I was five I used to dump sand on my head and comb it out of my hair but sand really isn't rocks is it?

But now I'm thinking after 42 years behind my belt maybe they were on to something. After all rocks were these kids friends and maybe they were good friends. After all when someone made fun of these nerdy kids with their rock collections they could always throw these rocks at their tormenters. None of my friends ever came to my aid like that.

And unlike people as friends there really aren't any bad rocks or two-faced rocks. When you look at a rock and take it home with you, it pretty much is what it is and you can count on it being such.

Rocks tell stories; of course you have to learn to speak rock. In rocks are layers of iridium, which help tell us the dinosaurs were killed by a meteor. They sometimes have fossils in them. But unfortunately I don't speak rock.

Rocks can entertain. While I was waiting at a bus stop, because I got tired of walking down Fullerton, I saw a boy tease his sister and his sister chased him and he fell down and hit his head on a rock. It was pretty funny and for a while afterwards the boy talked like he had coleslaw in his mouth. I got tired of waiting for the bus and continued walking on to the gym.

So after turning onto Clybourne from Fullerton and making my way to the gym I put my shirt on and picked up a rock. I said "hello," but it didn't answer. And all things considered, I think that was just kind of rude.

But I guess even though a rock can't make a good bridge partner it doesn't mind if you sit on it. Which after walking 2 miles from my house to the gym is very important, having something to sit on. I like to sit on things; the beach, rocks, and faces.

After all I am RimChiGuy.

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