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Little Old Ladies

Little old lades are a special breed. They are so cute and yet at the same time very annoying. Here are some things I've noticed....

While Waiting For The Bus

They always talk among themselves how long it is taking for the bus to come. But when the bus comes and stops AND ONLY THEN do they attempt to get out their fare.

You're On The Bus And You See It Stopping For Three Little Old Ladies

Now you just know, just by looking at them, they ain't gonna know how to ride this bus. But this bus went there yesterday says one to the driver. The next one is as clueless as the first one; She drops in 1.00 and wants change back. And by the time the last one gets on you see that the light has changed from green to red three times, and you're really late. But you feel better because this one has her money ready and appears to know what she is doing.... That is until she puts the money in the box and THEN realizes she's on the wrong bus and now wants it back.

Revenge And The Little Old Lady

So one time I'm on the bus and this little old lady comes and sits next to me. The she sees the seat in front of me is open. Why she didn't notice this at first I don't know. So I guess she figured that if she moved she could sit next to the window and have the space next to her free as well. So she looks at me, like I have the Black Death or something, and makes a face at me, gets up and all huffy moves to the seat ahead of me. Two stops later a big, nasty smelling, homeless guy gets on and sits next to her. That was one satisfying experience. I should've given that homeless guy a few bucks.

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